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Recognising that building designers, engineers and other industry professionals maintain extremely busy schedules,  Roofing Industries welcomes the opportunity to provide this informative and user-friendly section of our website where we seek to provide technical support. We are confident that will be welcomed by design professionals as the “one-stop” roofing and cladding reference tool, updated to meet the requirements of the Building Code on a regular basis.

Note: The following statement only applies to Eurostyle, Multideck andTrapezoidal profiles. Oil canning is defined as a perceived waviness across the flat area of ( in particular, but not limited to) wider metal panels. It is a naturally-occurring phenomenon and can be more discernible under shallow cross lighting, variation in light source, temperature and thermal changes. Oil canning is an aesthetic issue and not a structural problem or defect. The property owner, builder, specifier should be aware that these undulations do not affect performance. Inclusion of swaging systems may also assist in reducing surface waviness.

Along with the extensive amount of information available through this site, our staff are ready and willing to assist with any clarification, and further technical support

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