Ribline® 960

Whilst aesthetics and overall appearance remain a powerful motivating factor during selection of roof type, of equal importance is the ability of the roofing product to prevent water leakage through the lapping edge, particularly on lower pitched roofs.

Ribline®960 is a wider version of Ribline® 800 and is also manufcatured with a unique capillary lapping edge enhancing performance and offering additional security against water ingress.

As well as being aethetically appealing, Ribline® 960 offers the consumer even less laps, and Ribline®960 finds particular favour with installers when used as a cladding product, as they can lay significant amount of product in a very short time, and with less visible lap-lines


  • Residential roofing and cladding
  • Rural and lifestyle roofing and cladding 
  • Industrial and commercial roofing and cladding 
  • Drape/spring curving 
  • Fencing






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