Multifit™ External and Concealed fascia

As the name suggests, Multifit™ multipurpose external and concealed fascia systems can be used in conjunction with all roof and spouting types, is suitable for a large number of building designs and incorporates a proprietary attachment system. As well as maintaining a uniform smooth or embossed surface finish, the proprietary bracket system allows simple removal and re-installation of the system without disturbing the main roof material or soffits. Multifit™ fascia is supplied in a wide range of metal substrates and surface finishes including, Colorcote®, Copper, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, ZAM™ and Zincalume®




  • Multifit fascia is available in 136mm, 150mm and 185mm sizes
  • Supplied as either concealed or external option
  • Each product can be manufactured to exact length, thereby reducing the number of joins
  • Mulitifit fascia can be supplied in smooth and embossed surface finishes
  • Multifit fascia is supplied with strippable surface protection film to prevent damage prior to installation
  • Multifit fascia can be used in conjunction with all roofing products
  • Can be combined with most spouting and gutter types
  • Multifit fascia hides unsightly roof sheeting edges
  • Water overflow feature prevents water entering the building in the event of downpipe blockage